Professional Personal Readings and Research - $120

We consider this to be the most in-depth I Ching casting and reading service on the Internet. Unlike other services, we interpret your reading not only with the Wilhelm Baynes translation as do many of the western consultatnts, but on a variety of others as needed: Alfred Huang, The Buddhist I Ching (Chih-hsu Ou-i), Jou Tsung Hwa and others including Wang Bi. This helps assure clarity and gives us insight into every aspect of your reading from many facets of the I Ching diamond.

In addition to the variety of translations and interpretations mentioned above, we also have our extensive database of academic I Ching documents and a custom designed search engine to extract further knowledge about your inquiry as needed. We believe it is the only resource of this kind available to the public.

Casting the I Ching is not a casual affair. One has to be in an open, meditative state of mind when casting, a practice I bring years of experience with. I cast with the time and mind intensive yarrow stick method instead of the more expedient coin method in order to assure the best results possible. My only focus when casting for you is on the quality of the session at hand.

I bring decades of I Ching research and experience in America and the Orient to each session. The I Ching serves us well as a guide to one's your best strategies recognizing what change is at hand in your life and your own particular potential to meet them with the best character and purpose possible. My goal is to illuminate that guidance as created within the session, on your behalf.

The results will be interpreted personally by myself and provided to you in electronic (pdf) format. Follow up questions (up to ten) via email are welcome.

Payment: We only accept PayPal. Please use the link below for payment.

Li Zhaodao (China, ca.675-c.750) ca.720-740 a.c. Ink and colors on silk, 55.9-81 cm. National Museum, Taipei