About The Website

64 Hexagrams

If I was given 50 more years, I would spend them studying the Changes. Perhaps then, I would nearly understand it.

—Confucious - Lun Yu scroll ca. 500 b.c.e.

It was in 1982 when your host...

...Randy Perretta, first travelled to Asia and encountered the I Ching. His life since then has been a journey of discovery as the lessons of Asian philosophy became ingrained within him as he grew as a person. Over many years and many return trips, he became aware of the I Ching as the link between the world of objective experience and the hidden world that pervades everything and every moment; where all moments and all things are one.

Now, born of years of study, research and thought, this website has come to fruition as an attempt to provide a resource for those engaged in similar pursuit.

Inside you'll find a growing, extensive I Ching reference library with advanced search capabilities, useful excerpts from the forthcoming book "The Life Of The I Ching" and more, with additional resources including a dynamic I Ching Astrology app, to be included as the work progresses over the months and years - a living website.