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The I Ching is a core object of human cultural and spiritual history. It is the means by which we connect with that ineffable world inside of and between us and all that surrounds us. 64hexagrams has been built to help people learn about and use the I Ching and to do that in as objective and enlightening way as possible out of respect for what the I Ching is and represents. Welcome to our doorstep.
We hope that the experience will be useful and rewarding. This sort of site should be available and useful to all. In that light, the features necessary to conduct your own readings are free. Just go to the links on the Using The I Ching Menu, throw the coins and you'll get the primary hexagram, the secondary hexagram, the inner hexagrams and the Wilhelm/Baynes text for each. No charge.
There are reasonably priced advisory services available for those who need a deep well of knowledge for research and for individual readings. The readings are professionally interpreted and the research tools are represented by an advanced query system applied to the reference library and individual user databases right here on-site.

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... Using the I Ching :

The 64hexagrams site is designed to make the process of casting as clear and informative as possible. The pertinent hexagrams are determined and each result is presented in it's own window. It's a comfortable environment designed to encourage insightful contemplation.

Extensive Searchable Reference library:

The 64Hexagrams reference library Inside the library lies a wide variety of publications about the I Ching each in it's own way illuminating the underlying aesthetic of a timeless connection to the world within. The library lives in a digital repository with state of the art search capabilities and is available at all pricing levels including free.
The library includes a powerful search engine, a web crawler for automatic capture of new material and for paid advisory clients, community based access rights. These clients can set up their own study communities so that they may work together on shared sets of documents that interest them.

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